Only one day until our group trip to Ploen

This Sunday the whole Dioscuri Centre is going to Ploen (north of Germany) to participate in a research workshop (5-9 September). This is the first time since the opening of our centre that we can physically visit our collaborators at MPI Evolutionary Biology. We have already had a few guests from Ploen (Amanda, Michael) and we are now reciprocating. Hopefully, we will bring in only good vibes and not the universally-dreaded infectious disease!

Apart from talks by our group members and the local researchers, we will also have a scientific speed-dating session and dedicated slots for one-to-one and group discussions.

Many thanks to Amanda Azevedo and Michael Raatz (local researchers) as well as Ursula Kruetzfeld and Maren Lehmann for organizing the workshop.

Here are some details of the meeting.