Response of cancer cells to chemotherapy

Pragyesh did a clonogenic assay to assess change in the number of colonies formed by different cell lines in response to various doses of temozolomide (TMZ) treatment.

The graph above shows the change in the number of the colonies formed as compared to the DMSO-treated cells. We further treated cells with various doses of TMZ and assessed the change in their number over time using live-cell microscopy. To achieve this, Ilyas has developed an algorithm to quantify the number of cells. Though this algorithm is still a “work in progress”, it works quite well and shows that cells do not respond to the drug immediately after its application:

Rather, a significant delay is observed for all concentrations of the drug. Interestingly, this is very similar to what we observed for bacteria treated with antibiotics. This is just another example of interesting parallels between the growth of bacterial populations and cancer which we want to explore further.

This research has been supported by the POLS programme, funded through Norway Grants.

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