Patrycja Kuzma becomes a finalist of Best Lab Manager Award 2021

Our lab manager Patrycja Kuzma has been selected as one of the 5 finalists of the Best Lab Manager Award 2021 competition: Please help us to make history and let Patrycja become the first Polish woman to win this award by voting through the website You can vote more than once in total, but notContinue reading “Patrycja Kuzma becomes a finalist of Best Lab Manager Award 2021”

A postdoctoral position in experimental in vitro models of cancer chemotherapy

The Dioscuri Centre is widening its scope to include some aspects of cancer biology. We seek a postdoctoral researcher with experience in cancer biology, tissue culture, or optical imaging to investigate differences in single-cell response of normal and cancer cells to chemotherapy, and how the response correlates with phenotypic, non-genetic heterogeneity prior to treatment. ThisContinue reading “A postdoctoral position in experimental in vitro models of cancer chemotherapy”

Welcome to Witek

Witold (Witek) Postek joined our group last week. Witek has experience in building microfluidic devices and using them to investigate how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics. In the Dioscuri Centre, Witek will continue this line of work; he will also help other members to develop co-culture systems for epithelial cells and bacteria.

Welcome to Karolina!

Welcome to Karolina Drabik, a freshly minted PhD graduate from the Nencki Institute. Karolina has just started with us this week. She will be our expert on cell culture work.

New DC member

Welcome to Elin Lilja, who has recently joined our group from Edinburgh. Elin is a post-doctoral researcher interested in microbial evolution; she also has significant expertise in genetic engineering of bacteria. She will be our “core microbiologist” and a molecular biology techniques expert.

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