Online meeting “Fundamentals of Growing Active Matter”

Bartek Waclaw is co-organising an online workshop “Fundamentals of Growing Active Matter”, 25-26 March 2021. Here is a short description:

“A wide variety of physical properties of living systems arise from interplay between activity and growth. These include pattern formation in bacterial colonies, ordering in actin networks and the emergence of resistance in tumours.”

“The workshop’s main goal is to gather together researchers working on different systems and using different techniques (theory, simulations, and experiments). We hope that the meeting will help to identify universal characteristics of growing active matter and reveal unifying general principles (if they exist).”

There is an excellent line-up of speakers: Jens ELGETI (Forschungszentrum Jülich), Luca GIOMI (LEI), Rhoda HAWKINS (University of Sheffield), Silke HENKES (University of Bristol), Julia YEOMANS (Oxford).

It will be possible to present a contributed talk or poster.

Please register at

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