Previous positions

A technical specialist (MSc or MScEng) with experience in microfluidics and/or ptics
Application deadline: 17/08/20

PASIFIC fellowship round 2

The Polish Academy of Sciences has announced the 2nd round of the programme PASIFIC for post-doctoral fellows who would like to work for two years in any of the PAS research institutes.

The fellowship is 2500 EUR net/month plus family allowance and research expenses

Please contact Bartek Waclaw if you would be interested in applying to undertake an independent research programme in the Dioscuri Centre funded by PASIFIC.

More information about the programme:

A postdoctoral position in cancer biology

The Dioscuri Centre is widening its scope to include some aspects of cancer biology. We seek a postdoctoral researcher with experience in cancer biology, tissue culture, or optical imaging to investigate differences in single-cell response of normal and cancer cells to chemotherapy, and how the response correlates with phenotypic, non-genetic heterogeneity prior to treatment.

This post is funded through the POLS grant “Phenotypic heterogeneity in cancer chemotherapy” carried out in collaboration with Professor Hesso Farhan, the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences at the University of Oslo, and the Institute of Pathophysiology, Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria.

The post is for two years, starting in October 2021 or later at a mutually agreed date.

Deadline for submitting applications is 17-Sep-2021, 17:00 CET.

A full job description can be found in the PDF below:

1 postdoctoral position in microfluidics and/or optics

Deadline: March 7th 2021

Job start date: 1 April 2021 or later at a mutually agreed date

We seek an excellent candidate with background in microfluidics and/or optics to contribute to the development of experimental in vitro models of bacterial infections. The candidate will have the opportunity to contribute to the following projects:

  1. Microfluidics-based device for co-culturing bacteria and animal epithelial cells
  2. Novel optical methods for accurate, real-time, in situ measurement of bacterial growth in opaque fluids, and inside animal cells
  3. Microfluidics for detection and phenotypic profiling of antibiotic-resistant mutants

In addition, candidates will be encouraged to pursue their own research interests as long as they broadly align with the Centre’s research focus.

Salary: gross salary 11000 – 14000 PLN/month (net salary: 9000-11000 PLN, approximately 2000-2400  EUR), depending on experience (no. of years post PhD).

A detailed job specification and how to apply can be found here and in the file below:

FAQ for prospective candidates moving to Warsaw

Post-doctoral positions

Deadline: 15 September 2020.

Job start date: 1 October 2020 or later.

The Centre is recruiting five post-doctoral researchers. We seek excellent candidates with diverse background and skills to undertake research in the area of physics and chemistry of infections.

Possible projects may include:

  1. Development of a co-culture system for bacteria and epithelial cells
  2. New methods for accurate, real-time, in situ measurement of bacterial growth
  3. The structure and growth dynamics of intra-cellular colonies (in vivo biofilms)
  4. Population dynamics of bacteria in complex fluids (such as mucus) and topologies (such as lung bronchioles)
  5. Population dynamics of intracellular bacteria during antibiotic treatment
  6. Bacterial growth on micro-patterned and dynamic surfaces

However, the Centre will offer a certain degree of autonomy to experienced candidates to pursue their own projects as long as they broadly align with the Centre’s research focus.

Candidates with limited experimental training but very strong skills in modelling/data analysis who are interested in combining modelling and experiments are also encouraged to apply.

Research projects will be carried out together with the Evolutionary Theory Department at the MPI Plön.

Salary range: 1600 – 4600 EUR/month (gross salary) depending on experience and role in the group.

A detailed job specification and how to apply can be found here.

FAQ for prospective candidates moving to Warsaw

PhD opportunities

The Centre is recruiting PhD students. All students will be affiliated with the Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences. Each position is fully funded by a tax-free scholarship, approx. 1300 EUR/month (5800PLN/month), increased to up to 1600 EUR/month (7200PLN/month) following successful mid-term evaluation.

If you are intersted, follow this link to Warsaw4PhD doctoral training school. Go to and scroll down to the Institute for Physical Chemistry PAS projects. The projects offered by the Dioscuri Centre at the moment are

3.15. Models of bacterial response to antibiotics (co-supervised with Dr hab. Anna Ochab-Marcinek)
3.16. Physical chemistry of bacteria-surface interactions (co-supervised with Prof. dr hab. Robert Hołyst)

Applications must be submitted to the PhD school between 5 August 2020 and 18 August 2020. To apply, follow this link. The link will become live once recruitment has started. Please state in the motivation letter which project you would like to apply for.

Candidates are also required to submit the application (the same set of documents as for Warsaw4PhD) via email to, quoting “Rekrutacja nr 26/2020” in the subject line.

For informal equiries, contact Bartek Waclaw.

FAQ for prospective candidates moving to Warsaw